Investment Update: Pangara Takes in Over 11 Million SEK in Venture Capital for Rapid Expansion

Digital4s investee company Pangara is on the go. The service was launched last summer, a few months after Pangara brought in just under 3 million SEK in its first equity round. One of the main investors was Claes Ruthberg, former CEO of the listed company and market leading IT consultant broker, eWork.

“Now, Pangara will be taking in more than 11 million SEK in venture capital to expand internationally, with northern Europe as the first region of expansion. Pangara’s fundraising round was heavily oversubscribed (about 2x the capital the company initially sought) and Pangara was unfortunately forced to turn down a number of interested investors.”.

The largest investors in this capital round is Acacia Asset Management. A family investment group within the tech sector, is headed up by Christer Jacobsson as chairman, Per Jacobsson as CEO, and Per Skyttvall as Investment Manager. Christer founded IT consultants TietoEnator and Connecta with Jan Petterson, former chairman of eWork who will be the second largest investor in this round.

After this financing, both Christer, Per Skyttvall of Acacia, and Claes Ruthberg will take a seat on Pangara’s board. Beselin will remain chairman.