Start-Up Support: Digital4s Ventures Supports Student Start-Up – Wins 1st Prize at P. Farrell Cup

On November 23, at UNSW Australia, Riviera was crowned the winner of the 15th Annual Peter Farrell Cup, held by the UNSW Business School. Riviera is an exciting new start-up, run by university students who intend to transform car parking by using a ticketless, cashless and boom-gateless system, all runs through smartphones.

10 teams of students from UNSW (University of New South Wales) and other Australian universities, competed to win the $15.000 cash prize to kick-start their businesses.

The Peter Farrell Cup has now been run at UNSW Australia for 15 years and provides students the opportunity to bring their business ideas to life and to build an innovative student community.

Fredrik Orrenius from Digital4s Ventures help out and is an advisor to Rivera. Congrats team Riviera!