New Investment: Digital Marketing Agency Lighthouse8 Specialising in Marketing Automation

Digital4s related fund has invested in Lighthouse8, an international engineering company specialising in business intelligence, business technology and marketing automation.

The total capital raise this round is $750 000 in seed funding. With participation from the Norwegian governments tech fund, Innovation Norway and several angel investors, the funds will further lighthouse8’s mission to improve their data automation technology and expand the business into new markets.

The start-up, founded by a team of engineers from Digitas/LBi in 2012, currently operates in Australia and Europe, with expansion plans in the APAC market. The company also announced that they are launching an office in Singapore in December 2015.

After being ranked in the Top 10 in the Smart Company – Smart50 Awards in 2014, the company has maintained their growth rate making them one of the fastest growing SME’s in Australia.

“Lighthouse8 is the perfect solution for technology savvy firms looking to automate their business data to create faster, smarter & more cost effective digital marketing campaigns. We continue to take market shares from the big agencies because our technology solutions continue to outperform their old fashion campaign management” said Freddy Aurso, CEO and Founder of Ligthhouse8.

After integrating their digital marketing platforms, Ignite & Illume with the Google and Twitter API’s, lighthouse8 plans to integrate with popular social media channels like Instagram, Pintrest and LinkedIn in 2016. These integrations will allow the company to work with larger customers who are reliant on more complex campaign distribution and more technically advanced data management platforms.