Investment Update: Free Online Invoicing Solution for Micro Business Launching in Australia

Europe’s fastest- growing small business platform InvoiceClub expands to Australia
– Its first country outside Europe

Sydney, Australia, July 10, 2015. Start-ups and SMES will benefit from the announcement that InvoiceClub, the simple, time-saving and free online and mobile invoicing solution for small businesses, is now available in Australia.

Australia is the first country outside Europe to introduce Invoice Club, with its mission of providing support to small and micro businesses. ‘We know just how tough it can be starting out. That’s why we offer a free service that’s fast and simple to use,’ said Fredrik Orrenius, CEO, investor and Founding Partner and CEO-in-Residence.

InvoiceClub allows small businesses to send invoices more quickly, get paid faster, reduce admin fees and time spent on them; and improve cash flow. That is why over 10.000 business trust InvoiceClub, while its easy-to-use design has made it Europe’s fastest-growing micro-business productivity tool.

Your InvoiceClub account is protected by a secure login, accessible from any device such as a computer, smart phone or tablet and on any operating system; or on mobile platform including iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows. All business information remains confidential and is securely backed up in the cloud. With InvoiceClub small business can keep on top of their business admin at home or on the go wherever your people are.

‘And it’s 100% free of charge! Not free for a month, or free trial, just free. Yes, if you want all the bells and whistles there’s a minor fee, but more than 90% of all our customers are using 100% of the software without paying a single dollar. We believe his is the future of invoicing’, said InvoiceClub Chairman Freddy Aurso.

‘Orrenius is excited about the potential for InvoiceClub in the Australian market. ’96% of all Australian businesses are employing fewer than 5 people and the majority of those are sole traders. Most of them need an invoicing solution, so the full market size is close to one million companies,’ he said. “We’re looking forward to helping Australian start-ups and SMEs to get efficient and on top of their invoicing and are excited to be the first country outside Europe to be offering the InvoiceClub solution.

About InvoiceClub

InvoiceClub is an uncomplicated online invoicing and business system for smaller operators. It has everything a small business needs and no unnecessary complex features. Essential functions include invoicing, quote generator, customer and supplier databases, inventory tracking and time tracking. InvoiceClub makes invoicing and small business management easy and have saved time and money for our users since 2006. We offer more than a free trial period – InvoiceClub offers you a free service. Founded in Norway by a small business owner frustrated by complex and expensive invoicing solutions, today InvoiceClub is Europe’s fastest growing invoicing platform, with more than 10.000 customers, who have collectively sent more than 200,000 invoices with a total value of $600 million.

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